Currently, research areas related to the specialization of the Chair are in the following areas:

- Development of nanostructured rock cutting tools and drilling technology for various purposes;

- Development of the theoretical foundations of an environmentally acceptable technology for drilling wells in surveying and exploitation of mineral deposits;

- Development of an effective technology to increase oil and gas recovery;

- Research and development of new formulations of drilling slurries for drilling and opening of productive horizons in oil and gas fields;

- Research on the creation of highly efficient and reliable tools of mining machines and well drilling units;

- Technical diagnostics, non-destructive control and monitoring of mining and oil and gas field machinery and equipment.

Over the past five years, 10 monographs have been published, including 5 with the stamp of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, 5 textbooks and 6 tutorials, more than 100 articles in Russian and international journals have been published. The staff of the Chair have more than 60 inventions and patents for scientific research.

Scientific studies of the Chair are of an applied nature, and the developments have been introduced into production. The RP-42 drill bit is mass-produced by the Krasnoluchsky Machine-Building Plant, the PO-100 cutter is manufactured by the Moscow company Pygma and others. On the mine "Obukhovskaya" the system of diagnostics of the units of the mine lifting installation on the basis of a PC is used. Crowns and chisels reinforced with diamond-hard-alloy plates are developed and produced in small-scale production.

The department has two computerized classes for specialists, masters, graduate students and bachelors.