Brief history of the Chair

The Chair “Applied Geology” was founded as a part of the Mining Department of the Don Polytechnic Institute in 1909 by Professor P. N. Chirvinsky, who was its Head for 22 years (until 1931).

After him, the Chair, renamed “Mineral Deposits”, was headed by Associate Professor I.D. Storozhenko, Profesor A.V. Arsentiev, Associate Professor A.A. Medvedyuk, Professor G.M. Yefremov. The Chair of “Minerals and exploration of minerals” is headed by Pro-professor A.V. Pac, N.S. Skripchenko, V.I. Shcheglov.

In 2011, the Chairs of “Mineral Deposits and Exploration of Mineral” unites with the Chairs of “Geoecology, Hydrogeology, and Engineering Geology”, “General and Historical Geology, Mineralogy, and Petrography” and the Chair got its current name “Applied Geology”. Since 2016, the department "Applied Geology" is headed by G.V. Ryabov.

The present day Chair

Currently, the Chair provides training of specialists in the field of Applied Geology (specialist’s program).


Geology of oil and gas.

Geological survey, prospecting and exploration for minerals.